Warning for investors: ITRADER

If you want to invest by the Cypriot company ITRADER better take care, you will loose all your money !

The seven men arrested by the ISA are Ido Fishman, the company’s chairman and CEO; Daniel Swartz, sales manager at Gal Media Trade Ltd., which operates itrader.co.il, and the deputy CEO of another company run by Fishman; Naor Noah, head of retention; and Jonathan Tourjman, team leader. Itzhak Babler, Itam Durab and Maor Jerby, three employees who worked as trading “coaches,” were also arrested.

See for more: https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-authorities-raid-binary-options-firm-arrest-ceo-salespeople/




De grootste moskee van Euriopa staat nu nog in Keulen maar vernomen dat de nieuw geplande Moskee in Rome nog veel groter gaat worden.